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Cellular Shades

Cell SizesCellular shades are a stylish/modern way to decorate your windows. The honeycomb design creates a pocket of air that helps insulate windows from the heat and cold. Graber offers 3 cell styles; 3/8", 3/4", and 3/8" double cell. The 3/4" cells are ideal for large windows with select fabrics available in widths of up to 144". The 3/8" single and double cell styles provide a nice visual focal point to a room. All cell sizes and styles are available in cordless and also available in Slide-Vue vertical cellular shades which are ideal for patio doors or very large windows. 




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Fabric Venetians

shadow magicGraber Overture Sheer Shades are the next iteration of window treatments. Two layers of sheer fabric protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays; the supple, lightweight fabric vanes overlap when closed to diffuse the light or block it more completely. Best of all, these shades are woven as one continuous piece of fabric—there are no seams, stitches, or adhesives to mar the look and feel. Vane sizes offer a variety of views, and there are no visible internal lift cords or ladders to distract the eye. When fully raised, the shades disappear completely into an elegant fabric-wrapped cassette valance. By melding gorgeous fabrics and state-of-the-art construction with versatile functionality, Overture Sheer Shades give a virtuoso performance.

Shade-O-Matic Shadow Magic Horizontal Shading are our most sophisticated shade. Combining the soft sheerness of a shade and the functional control of a horizontal blind, this shade has a centre vane which can be adjusted to guarantee the perfect amount of light or privacy. Shadow Magic Horizontal Shadings are suitable for any type of room and living space. Whether it is modern, contemporary or country, these shadings will add simplistic beauty and sophistication to your home.

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Dual Concept / Layered Shades

dual conceptGraber Mezzanine Layered Shades offer the ultimate flexibility in light control. In two closely linked layers of fabric, stripes of sheer fabric combine with tightly woven bands of color. As you adjust the height of the shade, you can also fine-tune the light; let the sheer fabric protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays, overlap solid-color vanes to filter or block the light, or find the perfect position in between. The wide, bold stripes frame your outlook with clean horizontal lines—and no visible seams disrupt the fabric's pattern or the panorama beyond the glass. When fully raised, the shades disappear completely into an elegant fabric-wrapped cassette valance. In classic neutrals or richer hues, textured weaves or shiny metallics, Mezzanine Layered Shades ensure a modern and minimal design with maximum impact. 

Shade-O-Matic Concept Dual Shading is a soft shade that combines the light control capacities of a horizontal blind with the soft beauty of a fabric shade.

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Pleated Shades

pleatedPleated shades offer many varying colors and styles to provide you with a truly dynamic look. EvenPleat Pleated Shades have a back-ladder support which keeps the pleats evenly spaced. FashionPleat Pleated Shades provide the same style without the back-ladder support offering a more economical alternative. Both are offered in 1" pleats, and now EvenPleat has select colors in 2" pleats for larger windows. Both styles are available in sheer, light-filtering and room darkening to provide you with the privacy control you want. 



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Faux Wood / Real Wood

woodsFaux and Real wood blinds are a stylish and decorative way to cover your windows. Real wood blinds provide the rich natural beauty of select North American hardwood. They come in a variety of rich stains and paints.
Faux wood blinds are a very propular blind choice. They are practical, easy to use and very durable. They are moisture and mold resistant. They are a great economical alternative to real wood blinds and still give you the look and functionality of wood venetians. Graber faux wood blinds are made from a very high quality PVC which does not off-gas, warp or crack like some lower quality products will.


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Roller and Solar Shades

rollerRoller/Solar shades are a practical, yet stylish shade. There is an incredibly diverse selection of colors, textures and styles. Many roller shade fabrics match Roman shade fabrics, and can offer many unique colors and light control options like light filtering to blackout.

Solar Shades are ideal if you want to maintain your view of the outdoors, provide some privacy indoors and reduce heat and UV rays in your home.

Dual shades provide a unique option giving you 2 types of roller/solar shades in one. Ideal use is to have a sheer weave solar shade to use during the day to provide you with a view of the outdoors, and a roller shade at night for total privacy.

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venetianVenetian blinds offer a huge selection of colors and design choices. Durable aluminum and vinyl slats provide good light control and plenty of privacy.
Most of the 2" vinyl blinds have a matching color/style in a vertical blind to help coordinate the style of you home. They offer deep rich colors and textured styles.
The aluminum blinds come in 1/2" mini up to 2" in size, with a huge selection of colors. They are durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean.


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verticalVertical blinds are versatile and economical way to cover very large windows or patio doors. Graber offers a huge assortment of colors and styles with their newly released product line.
These new styles and colors take this product and give it that incredible look that would go with any decor. They are easy to operate, durable and simple to clean.




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shuttersWhether your home décor is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, Shutters can add warmth and beauty to your living spaces. Made from exceptional North American hardwoods, these shutters are an investment in style and quality.

In our time-honored tradition, the wood for these shutters is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Each piece of hardwood is individually inspected for quality. A three-step drying process prevents cracking and warping. Then all milling, sanding, painting, and staining is done by skilled technicians. Consistent with our commitment to a green future, sawdust and wood shavings are recycled.

The result is a look of unsurpassed elegance and natural splendor.

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motorizationWindow treatments are designed to elevate your living space—to fine-tune the ambiance, to protect and preserve your furnishings, to accent your décor. Graber motorized blinds and shades, partnered with industry-leading Somfy motors and remotes, lift window treatments from home improvement to true indulgence.

Our revolutionary Virtual Cord™ remote, provides control that’s quiet, reliable, and precise. That extraordinary performance, coupled with a sleek design, means you can sit back, relax, enjoy the added ease and elegance, and know that you’ve discovered the best of the best.


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